The purpose of Classy MM to develop the process is to reduce cost so customers can get best prices in competitive market place.

Below are the steps where we are reducing cost:-

=> The orders are taken by buying agents and given to production units on the basis of commission.
=> The Classy MM are entrepreneurs who are working to cut this step as better explained in our process chart.
=> Fabrics are procured by manufacturer's fabric manager.
=> Classy MM - Here fabric marketing is done by entrepreneur's team member( fabric manager).
=> Trims are sourced by manufacturer's hired person see process chart of other factory.
=> Classy MM - Trims are procured by entrepreneur's team member (Trim manager) see Classy MM process chart.
=> The production can be done in 2 ways whether it is in-house or outsourced.
Finishing also can be done in 2 ways whether it is in-house or on contract basis.
=> Classy MM - The production and finishing are done with trusted units.