About Classy MM

Entrepreneurs of all kind of garments who believes progressively advancing which involves to build an orientation process not an activity which is ever increasing, ever growing, ever expanding and ever improving.

Classy MM was established in 2016 with the aim to provide best quality with reasonable cost, timely delivery and most important customer's satisfaction.

The main foundation of Classy MM is our customer's success.

Quality is the essential part of the garment while our main moto is to keep keen eyes on small to large operations of garment how can we make a robe better by giving special stitches which increases the strength of the garment according to fabric's quality.

Quality objectives

  • To Produce Perfectly garment as Per Customer/Standard Requirements.
  • To meet Delivery Schedule
  • To Cut Cost to be Competent.


  • To identify the critical success factor of our customer which can enhance customer's business.
  • To find out the critical success factor of our customer's customer which can help our customer to grow.
  • To identify the customer's competitor success how their market runs what are the policies and strategies which they are adopting and what is the module of business of our customer's competitor. 


  • Our vision is to build an community by common purpose so that team would not work with Hands and legs but would work with Head and Heart.
  • By creating common purpose people will not work only for money but to reach their dreams which automatically creates money for them.

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